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Real Ale

At The Bar Posted on Wed, December 07, 2016 13:17:53

After several years of head scratching and deliberation the club has decided to have more real ales on the bar. The popular “Abbots Ale” has been retained but the now jaded “Doombar” which hasn’t been selling so well has been replaced by a new guest ale every week by one of many from the Coors Brewers portfolio.

Customers are rediscovering cask beer, and last year nationwide it outperformed almost every drink on the bar, including lager and wines and spirits. A total of 400,000 new drinkers enjoyed cask beer, and the number of female drinkers doubles every 12 months. As we demonstrate an increasing passion for interesting food and drink from artisanal producers, we’re embracing traditional cask ale once more. But we’re doing it in a very modern way. The most exciting beers build awareness through bloggers and Twitter rather than television, and there’s a CaskFinder iPhone app that will help you find your nearest Cask Marque pub, tell you about the pint in your hand and give you more information about the brewers.

Coventry and district now boasts some fantastic real ale brewers – Byatts, Purity, Twisted Barrel, Church End and Tunnel all consistently produce fabulous beer locally. It’s welcome news that at last the Albany Club is now on board! Imagine then, a whole new group of potential members and customers from all over the country including CAMRA committee and members beating a path to our door because we have acquired the ‘Cask Marque’ and are regularly featured in the Good Beer Guide. No other club in Coventry has that distinction, and we have an unequalled opportunity to make it happen. It’s a only a short step away from ‘The Earlsdon Beer Festival’ weekend in our carpark marquee, garden and concert room. With the help of real ale enthusiasts (your very own webmaster included) we hope to make it into the CAMRA “Good Beer Guide” in 2017/18.

News Page

News Posted on Wed, December 07, 2016 12:49:59

Hi folks and welcome to our brand new news page. This is a more interactive form of letting you know news at the club and an alternative to Facebook which isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea.

Here you can post photos, tell us about club life from your side of the fence, make suggestions, compliments (and complaints) and make sure we get your messages.

If you’ve had an invite you should be able to log in, choose your password and get blogging. Let us know if you get into difficulties and we’ll do our best to sort things out for you.

Happy Blogging!
December 2016

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