Thanks for the newsletter, Gill.

As you know, several members have long been unhappy and frustrated with the antique system of renewing membership by having to form long queues outside the front office between set times convenient to the club’s officers but not necessarily to members themselves.

Surely, the club needs to enter the 20th, never mind the 21st century, by arranging membership renewals online. It does not take a genius to set up a system which allows members to renew at a time of their convenience at their own PCs , tablets or phones. All they need to do is set up a password-protected account which allows a direct bank transfer from their account into yours. The membership is then confirmed electronically and stored in the system without the need for the hard copy booklet signed in pen and ink.

This may not suit everybody in the short term so the present manual system may need to be extended alongside the new electronic one. I also realise it is too late to introduce for this year so that gives ample time for a new system to be in place for 2018.

Kind regards,

Chris Fry